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Company Profile

Established in 2007, PainReform is a venture capital backed, specialty pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Herzeliya. PainReform primarily focuses on developing reformulation of established pain therapeutics PainReform applies it propriety formulation technologies to prolong and enhance efficacy, reduce adverse effects shortening recovery time and reduce the need of augmentation with drugs such as opioids and NSAIDS.

Our strategy is to incorporate generic APIs in our proprietary platform based on GRAS excipients. This platform  prolongs and enhances the activity of APIs. Thus, we are able to harness the true value of these APIs for treating patients suffering from pain. At PainReform, we leverage the deep expertise of our team in pain drug development to structure creative clinical trials aiming at the shortened and straightforward regulatory 505(b)(2) pathway. This enables us to rapidly advance products through clinical proof of concept, regulatory approval and commercialization.

This abbreviated development process, from proof-of-concept through Phase III studies, accelerates regulatory submission and commercialization, positioning PainReform to become a formidable presence in the pain medicine arena.

Our lead product, PRF-110, incorporates the generic local anesthetic ropivacaine into our proprietary formulation platform. PRF-110 has successfully completed pre-clinical testing as well as a clinical proof of concept in healthy volunteers and hernia patients.  PRF110 is next planned to be tested in phase III clinical trials for postsurgical pain relief.